About us

Company Solien, s.r.o. is a developer and operator of the REMITOR platform as well as a provider of all above mentioned services and products. The company is gaining from of many years' experience of our team members in the regulatory energy business. If you are gas and/or power trader being subject to regulatory reporting obligations we gladly customise our services to your needs and requirements. By our services and products you get effective and secure fulfilment solution not only of REMIT requirements.

Benefits of the company

  • Specific know-how in the gas and power regulation
  • Pro-active approach and innovations
  • Offer of secured and reliable solutions
  • Cost efficiency as a target
  • Careful monitoring and impact assessment of legal and regulatory changes

What is our Role in REMIT?

  • To be independent and secure RRM – Registered Reporting Mechanism being able to serve as reporting entity on behalf of our clients
  • Offer user-friendly, efficient and secure REMIT reporting tool (REMITOR)
  • Safeguard all transaction reports of trade or fundamental data submitted within the required deadlines
  • Keep our REMITOR tool updated, reflecting all legislative and technical changes
  • Provide our clients with advices regarding REMIT implementation requirements, setting the action plan, roadmap and assistance in registration and reporting process

Join us and use our experience for developing the value of your business in the energy field. Do not hesitate and contact us.