Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a solution tailored to their needs with the aim of maintained additional regulatory obligations with as lower cost as possible but in the same time ensuring that all obligations will be fulfilled properly, safety, efficiently and in time.

Therefore we have prepared and continuously developing REMITOR platform. REMITOR is secured cloud-based platform solution with no associated hardware or maintenance costs, with automatic scaling and complete disaster recovery including the software for reporting management. In the same time clients are welcome to ask for individual platform solution just fitting to their needs and scope of the business.

Basically we provide four basic services and products for our customers:

  • REMITOR Gate
  • REMITOR Basic
  • REMITOR Individual Solution


This product is targeted to those clients having IT system being able to provide the transaction or fundamental data reports in REMIT required formats and willing to use the third party RRM services.


This product makes entire reporting process automate reducing a client's manual interaction. The product automatically uploads trading data, convert them into required format and submit them to ACER system within respective deadlines. Reporting activity management system enables to clients efficient and user-friendly management of all reports status.


For those clients having only few reportable transactions or irregularly concluding new contracts the manual service available via secure web customer zone interface might be more suitable, comfortable and sufficient.

REMITOR Individual Solution

An ability to tailor the individual solution fitting to your needs or business and technical requirements is the most favourable advantage of cooperation with our company. For instance completing of the transaction report by missing standardized data.


Get benefits by using REMITOR

  • User friendly, automatic, effective and secure reporting tool fully in compliance with REMIT regulation.
  • Economically the most convenient and manually less demanding tool.
  • Full management and control over submission process and status of individual reports.
  • You might be immediately ready to fulfil your reporting obligations by registration in respective NRA and utilization of REMITOR platform.
  • Fully valued tool for declaration of reporting REMIT requirement fulfilment.
  • You might outsource your ACER supervision by using our RRM service when we undertake all strict organisational, technical and operational obligations coming from REMIT on behalf of you.